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Udemy’s Top 5 Full-Stack Web Developer Courses

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There are numerous resources for studying Web Development on the internet. I’d know because I’ve been studying for about three years. I provided a list of 100+ absolutely free links for learning Full Stack Web Development earlier this month. The post went viral, and it currently has approximately 200 resources thanks to user contributions! That post, as well as the linked GitHub repository, can be found here.

Today’s article is a little different, as it focuses on my top five paid Web development courses. Don’t get me wrong: free is amazing, but there are instances when paying for a course is worthwhile. This post includes links to each of the five courses I describe; I’ve completed all five and hope you like them as much as I did! Please let us know if there’s a course you’d like to recommend in the comments.

1. Colt Steele’s Web Developer Bootcamp

678,794 students 4.7/5 stars

If you’re only going to buy one course to learn Web development, make it this one. This course is the finest there is for studying Full Stack Web Development, whether you’re a newbie just getting started or someone who needs a refresher on the basics.

Colt joined Udemy after two years as the Lead Instructor at Galvanize, a six-month completely immersive Web Development Bootcamp in San Francisco. This course is an online version of what he taught at the university.

Colt is by far the best instructor I’ve had in any online course I’ve attended, paid or not. He not only knows what he’s talking about, but he also knows how to teach it. Complex subjects are broken down into easy-to-understand bite-size bits, and ideas are clearly defined. Furthermore, because the course is based on projects, you will learn by making real-world objects rather than by reading and taking quizzes.

HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Bootstrap, SemanticUI, DOM Manipulation, jQuery, Unix(Command Line) Commands, NodeJS, NPM, ExpressJS, REST, MongoDB, Database Associations, Authentication, PassportJS, and Authorization are among the subjects covered in the course.

2. Anthony Alicea’s JavaScript: Understanding the Odd Parts

161,543 students 4.7/5 stars

Please be aware that there are some prerequisites for this course: You should have a basic understanding of JavaScript before you begin (variables, loops, and basic functions).

This course will assist you in gaining a thorough understanding of Javascript.

“You’ll learn how Javascript works under the hood, and how that knowledge helps you avoid common problems and substantially enhance your code,” says the author.

Objects and object literals, function expressions, prototype inheritance, functional programming, scope chains, function constructors (including new ES6 features), immediately invoked function expressions (IIFEs), call, apply, and bind are just a few of the topics covered in this course.

3. Modern React with Redux

52.5 Hours of Video || 234,455  Students

Okay, so this is actually a two-part recommendation. Stephen Grider has designed two React courses: one for beginners and one for expert users. This is fantastic because you can try out the first course to determine if React is for you. If you do, go ahead and enroll in his advanced course; if you don’t, you may choose an alternative framework and you won’t lose anything.

So, what distinguishes this course from others? The main distinction is Redux. If you’re not familiar with Redux, it’s a state manager that lets you manage “state” in your React apps. It’s fine if you have no understanding of what that implies. That is why you enrolled in Stephen’s class. He begins at the beginning and introduces and discusses each topic as he goes.

Not only will you have a solid foundation and understanding of React, but you’ll also know the fundamentals of Redux, which is critical for scaling projects (aka getting a job with a React).

Some of the subjects covered in this course are as follows: JSX, “props,” “state,” and eventing are all used in React. Reducers, actions, and the state tree are all part of Redux.

You’ll leave another ‘learn by creating’ course with production-ready web applications. This course is a wonderful way to get your feet wet with React and see if you like it.

4. Rob Percival’s Complete Node.js Developer Course

232,711  students 4.7/5 stars

Andrew Mead is back, this time with Rob Percival, to show you how to create Node Applications!

Another project-based tutorial, with four separate Node-based projects at the end. Andrew, like the previous course, is fast to reply to any queries or problems you may have along the way, so there’s no need to be concerned – this course is suitable for people of all ability levels.

Node, Npm, Async programming, MongoDB, Express, Socket.IO, Authentication with JWTs, Mongoose, Heroku Deployment, Git, GitHub, Code testing, App debugging, New ES6 capabilities, Mocha are some of the topics covered.

5. Stephen Grider’s The Complete Developers Guide to MongoDB

42,151 students
 4.7/5 stars

Finally, let’s have a look at some databases. You’re ready to dig into databases with Stephen Grider once you’ve gained your Full Stack experience with Colt and your Node experience with Andrew.

This course covers MongoDB, which is currently one of the most popular database options. MongoDB isn’t suitable for every circumstance or application, but its present status as the most popular NoSQL alternative makes it difficult to overlook. This course is for you if you want to plunge into the world of non-relational databases.

Because this course connects to MongoDB using Node.js, it’s an excellent way to brush up on your Node skills. When you run into issues along the process, Stephen is also incredibly quick and helpful.

Another thing this course excels at is covering testing. Testing is crucial, yet many courses gloss over it or fail to cover it entirely. To ensure that you understand how testing works with Node and MongoDB, Stephen provides a variety of test-driven exercises.

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