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5 Chrome Extensions for Designers

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There are tons of gimmicky tools out there that you might think will help during your daily grind as a designer. I’ve installed and then uninstalled most of them.

Below are the ones I still use daily, year after year, and my reasons why.

Full Page Screen Capture

Whether you’re redesigning a client’s site, or simply want to keep record of that wonderful landing page you just discovered, Full Page Screen Capture let’s you capture the entire page all at once.

Screen Resizer

Screen Resizer lets you quickly switch between browser sizes to see what that design will look like on an array of different devices.


You know a good typeface when you see it, but you don’t always know its name. WhatFont has served me the best out of the options available.


This one only applies to web designers, but if you want to copy a site’s HTML + CSS ever, SnappySnippet is the answer. You can easily save to CodePen for later reference.

PH Extension

ProductHunt is an amazing site to keep your design game up on the newest products, but who has time to scroll through it each day? Instead, just get the PH extension and you can see the top products daily, every time you open a new tab.

ProductHunt has their own official extension.

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