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While coding can be fun, it can make you sweat. Sleepless nights, busy mornings and hectic evenings are the story of every second developer, especially those who are just starting out as a programmer.

When you learn programming, you are the king of bad code, which causes you to make mistakes. It’s not a special coder story, but each coder goes through the same phase. In fact, some mistakes are repeated by novice coders.

f you want to pursue your career as a coder, have a look at some of the mistakes that you need to avoid.

1. Fear of Writing the Wrong Code

While it is not only about coders. People from different walks of life are afraid to do things for the first time. If you are a beginner: you consider yourself not so good or good, you just have to change your approach.

No matter what programming language you work with, as long as you do not have fears, you can not move forward. Overcome your fear before it overwhelms you. Sit down, relax եք Take some time to calm your nerves. Even an experienced coder can make mistakes that are pretty stupid.

2. Muddled Code Formatting

New coders typically do not pay attention to the size of the code, such as missing code or inconsistent lines and white space. As a novice coder, you need to cut your code properly to show its logical structure. By placing a window at the edge, you can show where functions, loops, and conditions begin պայման end.

There are several ways to format your code. As long as you are consistent, it does not matter what type of dose you take. On the contrary, it’s very bad to leave out codes that are no longer needed. Be sure to delete the password groups that are no longer needed!

3. Inconsistent Use of Upper and Lower Case

Most of the languages are case sensitive while few of them does not require you to take care of it. However, consistency really matters and need to take care of when writing variables and function names.

Moreover, some coders need to shift from one language to another. They try to apply the same rules in different languages that they have learned. For example, JavaScript, variables, and functions should use camel case where the first letter is written in the small case while additional ones are written in upper case. Some languages might use underscores to separate the words. But, what if you use the same format in JavaScript that uses CamelCase.

4. Not Utilizing the Power of Debugging Tools

Working on languages like ActionScript3, Java or C#, make sure to use debugging tools. These languages can help you know errors in detail, which can be tracked down easily with a debugger. If you are using JavaScript, you don’t have much power of debugging. However, “alert() will help you much in debugging the code and identifying errors.

5. Not Backing Your Work

Imagine yourself in a situation when you have to deliver the work in the morning and end up with an excuse that you lost hours work. There are tools that will help you out backing up your coding data, even if there is a minor disaster, burglary or a major computer malfunction. While working on open source projects, make sure to check the code with GitHub or SVN repository.

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