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In 2021, what are the best techniques to study HTML and CSS?

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The question of how and where to learn HTML and CSS is an understandable one. The answer is dependent on a variety of factors, including your level of commitment, your current foundation, other resources accessible to you, what you plan to accomplish with what you learn, and how much time you have, among a million others.

Let’s take a look at a few possibilities and see which ones feel appropriate to you.

You could read a book.

There are a plethora of HTML and CSS books accessible (and often together). They almost certainly all do a fantastic job. There’s no need to list all of the possibilities. These two are my personal suggestions. It’s highly improbable that you’ll need both.

Here are two excellent novels to think about.

  1. HTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites
  2. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Web Graphics for Beginners is a beginner’s guide to HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and web graphics.

You might take a free online course or read a free handbook.

Frontend Masters

Frontend Masters offers a free Bootcamp that covers a wide range of topics. It’s a whopping 21 hours of high-definition video lessons! If you enjoy it, you can enrol in the more advanced paid courses.


FreeCodeCamp is likewise (wait for it) free, and it follows a step-by-step procedure in which you don’t simply observe but also do tasks.

Khan Academy

An Intro to HTML/CSS: Making Webpages course from Khan Academy is packed in a really cool style. It’s similar to the video in that you can hear the instructor walk you through the steps, but you can also see a real-time text editor and output. The code is sometimes controlled by the teacher, and other times it is broken for challenges in which you take control and alter the code yourself.

Scrimba / Intro to HTML

Eric Tirado offers an Intro to HTML course on Scrimba, which is a similar platform in that you are taught through the course by Eric’s voice, but the visuals are a mix of slides and a real code editor with preview.

You could go through all of the css-tricks Beginner’s Guide posts.

Just Starting Out with CSS & HTML is a handbook (a collection of articles, videos, and links) that you may discover here. Because that is the goal, I hope there is something in there that will help jumpstart or supplement your early learning.

You could look for and enrol in a paid online course.

I frequently join gyms because the financial pressure of having to pay for something motivates me to go. I know I can perform situps, pushups, and jog for free, but a gym membership makes it unnecessary. The same could be argued for paying for an HTML and CSS course.

These are broad generalizations, but they’re solid starting points:


You will genuinely learn by combining all of these activities.

You can and will accomplish all of your goals. Learning web design and development will take you anywhere in a variety of ways. It can be beaten up in a variety of ways. There’s no need to spend money on it, but you will need a variety of perspectives, time, and motivation.

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