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Hello 👋 writers, do you want to write for us? We would love to publish your guest post. We are always looking for passionate authors.

We publish high-quality and informative content that our audience loves to read and get some value. Our maximum priority is to provide quality content to our readers.

We do not commit ourselves to quality. If you can write a single, well investigated, in-depth and how peace of content in our given topics, then it is in the right place. So read the shipping guidelines before sending a blog post for review. Avoiding guidelines can increase the chances of rejection of guests.

Want to write for the The Beta Coders?

We aim to help coders, programmers & developers with insightful articles about modern web design, development, WordPress.


Topics we’re currently interested in

  • WordPress
  • Website Development Tutorials

– WordPress

  • WordPress Tutorials
  • WordPress Themes
  • WordPress Plugins
  • Tools, Resources, and anything about WordPress.

– Web Development

  • Development Languages (HTML/CSS, Scss)
  • JavaScript (vuejs, angular, reactjs, javascript, jquery, ajax)
  • Tools/Software Reviews & Resources

If you have a story (or pitch) that fits the topic above, please review the rest of this page, then use the appropriate form to submit your idea. 

Our style 🎨

  1. Write in a casual and personal yet knowledgeable style, as if you were talking to a friend.
  2. Aim for clarity above wit, though you get extra points for managing both.
  3. Be concise when you can. Don’t bury the lede.
  4. Use subheads, images, lists, blockquotes, and other structural devices frequently to make your story easily skimmable and engaging.

And please keep in mind 🧠:

You must have the right to use any image that includes, and each image must include a title. Make sure that the graphics included actually support your point (s), and are not only for decoration.

No selling of your product, please! Make the focus more about the value your post can impart, or simply the story itself. Do not send us content that you have published elsewhere. And definitely do not copy the work of another person.

Guidelines to Follow for Submission

If you want your content to get accepted by us, Here are the Guidelines to Follow for Submission, please carefully read and follow the submission guidelines below:

  • Choose Topics – Choose topics mentioned above, or suggest some 3-5 topics via email on which you’re planning or want to write for us.
  • Word Limit – The article should have a minimum of 1000 words.
  • Formatting – Use proper H1, H2, H3, Unordered List (UL), Ordered List (OL), Bold, Italic and Image tags.
  • SEO Friendly – Just writing content is not enough. Make your content SEO friendly so your post can rank on search engines. It will help you send referral traffic to your site in the long run.
  • Readability – Keep in mind that you’re writing for humans. Keep your paragraph short (max 4-5 lines/sentences). Long paragraphs are hard to read.
  • Plagiarism Free – The content should be unique and not published elsewhere. Also, your content should not have language or grammatical errors.
  • Images Size – Featured images should have a custom design and size 1200 x 420 px. We recommend to WebP omptimized image.
  • Dofollow Links – We only accept one dofollow link, but you’re allowed to link sites valuable and relevant to your content. Please do not include any affiliate or self-promotional links.
  • Author Bio – The bio should have 3-4 sentences. You have to provide an email for the author photo, which is associate with Gravatar. You can add your personal brand, company name or website name, including a link. The links on keywords are not allowed.
  • Approval Time – We’ll inform you via email in 1-2 business days if your guest post reviewed and approved by us.
  • Publication Time – Once your content gets approved, we’ll publish it within 2-3 days and email you the live article link.

Our process

How we work step by step

  1. Writing – Write your blog post content..
  2. Approval – We will review and approve your post.
  3. Publishing – We will publish your post for readers to enjoy!

What does it cost? 💰

NO FEE for quality and long-form original content (ideally 1000 – 2000 words). $$ for shorter content. Please email us for the price.

How to Request for Guest Post?

If you are interested in writing for us, please content us for paid or free guest posts via email at or directly fill the form below.

Ready to submit?

Submit here if you have a concept that suits our desired subjects above. Don’t forget to alternate the permissions in your document before you post!